How do I qualify for this offer?

To qualify for the cashback you need to purchase a qualifying Samsung appliance between 16th September 2020 and 3rd November 2020.

What is a qualifying appliance?

You can find a full list of participating appliances here.

Is there a time frame I need to claim my cashback in?

Yes, we can only accept your claim between 30 and 60 days after the date of purchase. We won't be able to accept claims made after 60 days of date of purchase.

Is there a limit to how many claims I can make?

You can make one claim per qualifying purchase made.

What proof do I need to supply?

Along with details of your purchase, we will also need to see proof of purchase and confirmation of your serial number.

How do I supply my proof?

Take a screenshot of the proof of purchase and save as a PNG or JPEG to your computer (if taking the photo from your phone, this is likely to auto save in PNG). To save your proof of purchase as a JPEG, simply paste the screenshot you have taken into Microsoft Paint and save this document to your computer as a PNG or JPEG. Uploaded documents must be in PDF, PNG or JPEG format. Maximum size of each document is 10MB.

Please ensure all the required details are clearly visible. Blurred or unclear proof of purchase may invalidate your claim. If required you can upload multiple documents, simply select the files one at the time and click upload during the claim process.

Where can I find the Serial Number?

Your serial number of your new Samsung Appliance can be found at the back of the machine or on the inside of the door.

I can't select my purchase date, why not?

This is likely to be for one of the following reasons:

  • You have missed the claim window for this promotion
  • Your purchase date is outside the promotional period
  • You are too early to claim for this promotion
How will I get my cashback?

You will receive your cashback via bank transfer to the account you supply when making your claim.

What happens when I submit my claim?

Our team will check your claim and proof supplied. The status of your claim will be emailed to you, we will keep you up to date on the status of your claim via email. You can also check the status of your claim using our handy Claim Tracker.

How long will it take to receive my cashback?

On the basis we can validate your claim, you will receive your cashback within 30 days of the date the validation is made.

Why have I not received my cashback?

If you have received an email to confirm we have validated your claim, please:

Refer to the Terms and Conditions of the promotion for reward timeframes
Check your bank statements for the reward amount that you are expecting

If you still can't locate your cashback please complete the form to the right.

Can I choose my own Charity to donate to?

Yes, it is great you want to donate to one of the amazing charities available. We have teamed up with For Good Causes to offer you a selection of charities to choose from.

Do I need to donate all of my cashback?

No, the good thing is you can share your cashback with one of our charities and still have some for you. You decide how much to donate, we just ask for this to be in increments of £5 or €5.

When will my donation be paid to the charity?

Payments will be made to the charities via For Good Causes on a monthly basis.

I have another question that isn't listed here

No problem, you can reach our team by phone 01565 747 815* or by completing the form to the right.

*Lines are open 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Call charges may vary and calls may be recorded and monitored.